Beauty trends change over time. What is considered fashionable and desirable in terms of beauty can vary greatly depending on the culture, period and social context. Today, beauty trends are constantly evolving, new products, techniques and styles are constantly appearing. Some modern beauty trends include bold eyebrows, shiny lips and moist skin. However, what is considered beautiful is subjective and beauty trends can vary depending on personal preferences and cultural influences. Here are 10 beauty trends of 2023 that have been popular recently:


This trend focuses on a minimum of makeup and emphasizes healthy and radiant skin.

Skinimalism is a recent beauty trend that emphasizes minimalism when it comes to skin care and makeup. It’s about getting healthy and radiant skin with a simplified skin care regimen and a minimum amount of makeup.

The objective of Skinimalism is to preserve the natural texture and tone of your skin while keeping your skincare routine simple and effective. This trend encourages people to focus on the most essential elements, such as cleansing, moisturizing and using sunscreen, while minimizing the use of oily cosmetics and complex skin care products.

The trend of skinimalism emphasizes natural beauty and personal care, with an emphasis on the use of gentle and non-toxic products that promote skin health and radiance. It is a response to the demanding and often unbearable skin care procedures of the past, encouraging people to take a lighter and more natural approach to skin care and beauty.

Bold eyebrows

Thick, clearly defined eyebrows have been a trend for some time and continue to be popular.

Bold eyebrows have been a popular beauty trend for several years. This trend aims to accentuate your natural eyebrows by making them fuller, thicker and more defined. Bold eyebrows have become a symbol of confidence and personality, and many people choose to make them the centerpiece of their makeup.

One of the main drivers of the bold brow trend is the growing popularity of social media such as Instagram, where beauty influencers and celebrities showcase their bold brows to millions of followers. This has led to an increased interest in eyebrow products, such as lipsticks, gels and powders, which can help achieve a bold and contoured look.

Another factor contributing to the popularity of bold eyebrows is the desire for unpretentious beauty care. With bold eyebrows, there is no need for plucking, waxing or daily dyeing, and the focus is on enhancing the natural shape of the eyebrows rather than trying to create a perfect symmetrical arch.

A bold trend on the eyebrows is the triumph of individuality and natural beauty. Whether you have thick eyebrows by nature or you need a little help, anyone can take advantage of this trend and create it yourself.

Natural hair texture

The use of natural hair texture and the refusal to style with excessive heat or chemical treatments have become a popular trend.

Natural hair textures have become a growing trend in recent years and more and more people are adopting their natural hair texture and wearing it proudly. This trend is part of a larger movement towards body positivity and self-acceptance, as people learn to love and value themselves as they are.

One of the driving forces behind the trend towards natural hair is the desire to free oneself from the social norms of beauty, which have traditionally favored straight and eurocentric hairstyles. By adopting their natural curls, curls and folds, people celebrate their unique beauty and reject the idea that there is only one “right” way to style hair.

In addition to promoting self-love and a positive attitude towards the body, the natural hair movement has also created a thriving community of people sharing tips, tricks and recommendations on natural hair care and styling products. This community has helped to make natural hair more accessible and achievable for people with any type of hair and texture.

The trend towards natural hair represents a powerful shift towards inclusion and recognition in the beauty industry, and this trend is expected to continue to grow and expand in the coming years.

Shiny lips

Glossy lips have become fashionable again, lip glosses and balms have become a popular choice.

Glossy lips have been a popular beauty trend over the years and continue to be a favorite among makeup lovers today. This trend aims to create a shiny and reflective gloss on the lips, giving them a plump and hydrated appearance.

One of the reasons for the popularity of glossy lips is that they can be obtained with a wide range of products, ranging from lip glosses to liquid lipsticks and tinted lip balms. This versatility means that everyone can find a lip gloss that suits them, whether they prefer a subtle gloss or a bold, dignity-emphasizing gloss.

Another reason for the popularity of glossy lips is that they go well with a variety of makeup. Glossy lips can be combined with natural minimal makeup to create a fresh and casual look, or they can be combined with bold smoky eyes for a more dramatic effect.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, glossy lipsticks also have a functional advantage: they help to keep the lips hydrated. This is especially important during the dry winter months, when the lips can crack and flake off.

The glossy lip trend is a classic and timeless beauty trend that will probably remain popular for many years to come. Whether you prefer a subtle gloss or a bold and radiant finish, there is a lip gloss for everyone.

Monochrome Makeup

Monochrome makeup is a beauty trend in which a single color palette is used to create a holistic and harmonious image. The idea is to use the same color or its variations on the eyes, lips and cheeks, thus creating a Monochrome effect.

For example, pink Monochrome makeup may involve the use of pink shades on the eyelids, cheeks and lips. The result is a soft and natural make-up, easy to make and very versatile.

The Monochrome makeup trend has become increasingly popular recently, as it is easy to create and can be adapted to any skin tone or style. This is also a great way to simplify the procedure for applying makeup, because in order to create an image, you only need a few means of a single color palette.

Overall, Monochrome makeup is a trend that emphasizes simplicity and harmony, with an emphasis on creating a natural and casual look that highlights your features rather than masking them.

Soft glamour

A more natural and sophisticated approach to glamorous makeup that emphasizes a healthy glow rather than heavy contours and a bold look.

Soft glamour is a beauty trend aimed at creating a natural and sophisticated look, while incorporating elements of glamour. It is a less showy version of traditional glamorous makeup, emphasizing natural beauty and creating a radiant and healthy complexion.

Soft glamorous makeup usually includes a combination of soft shadows of warm tones, a light or medium foundation, a thin contour and a matte finish. The goal is to create a natural base while adding a little glamour with a shimmer or a shine on the eyelids, a highlighter on the cheekbones and a shiny or matte lip color.

Soft glamorous makeup is perfect for those who want to look put together and flawless without overdoing it. It is a versatile look that can be adapted to any occasion, from casual clothes to special events.

Soft glamor is a trend that aims to look casual, natural and radiant while adding glamorous elements to highlight your features and make you feel confident and beautiful.

Graphic eyeliner

Bold and graphic images with Eyeliner, often in bright colors, are becoming more and more popular.

Graphic Eyeliner is a popular beauty trend that involves creating bold and spectacular images using graphic shapes, lines and patterns. This trend is aimed at creating attractive and spectacular images that push the boundaries of traditional Eyeliner application.

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