If you don’t have the time or money to visit a spa, you can try to turn your home into a spa. Also during this recent times, it is becoming increasingly difficult to visit the spa in the salon. To solve your problems, I have prepared a spa center that you can visit at home on weekends. You can create a wonderful spa at home in 7 simple steps

1. Create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

Turn off the lights in your bedroom or bathroom. Decorate the room with candles and salt lamps. Salt molecules, which ionize when heated and spread through the environment, open and sterilize the respiratory tract. Thus, you will be able to relax faster thanks to the refreshing smells of organic candles that you will feel.

2. Use bath salts.

Bath salts made from Himalayan salt, dried flowers, powdered milk and essential oils moisturize the skin and help suppress the negative energy that you accumulate during the week. If you have a bath, add salt to warm water or prepare a foot bath and leave your feet in salt water for half an hour.

3. Clean your body with a dry brush.
The flaky surface of the skin looks bad because it does not reflect light. If you get rid of the flaky surface and apply a moisturizer; you will instantly get a unique softness and tenderness, like a baby.

Be sure to use dry cleaning, which should also be included in your daily routine. Brush the entire body, starting with the feet. In the practice of dry brushing, it is important that brushing is always directed to the heart.

Thanks to a dry brush, dead skin is cleansed of dead skin, while improving blood circulation and cell regeneration. With regular use, there is a noticeable decrease in the formation of cracks and cellulite.

4. Hot shower.

After calming and relaxing the whole body, take a warm shower with natural shampoo and shower gels. You can also exfoliate your body with salt, if you want, in the shower. After the shower, you can do a circular massage with a silk facial bag to clean the dead skin of the face and open the pores.

Studies show that hot shower therapy relaxes inflamed muscles and increases flexibility. If you have a bath, you can immerse yourself in warm water, to which a few drops of aromatherapy oil are added. Or add a bath bomb to make soaking more enjoyable.

After 20 minutes in the water, take a shower with cold water for 60 seconds.

Another tip: Apply ginger oil on your shoulders and neck before taking a shower. Ginger is great for relaxing muscles because of its inflammatory characteristics.

5. Mask time

Apply a moisturizing mask with honey on a clean face. Apply a large amount of oil or moisturizer to the body and leave for 10 minutes. After the mask is applied to the face, remove excess oil and cream remaining on the body after absorption with a clean towel.

6. Massage: The Golden step.

You are cleansed and washed, the next thing is to nourish and massage the skin. Apply facial oil to clean skin. Rub the remaining oil into the neck.

Tilt your head forward and massage your neck after taking a deep breath.

Massage 10 repetitions from the shoulders to the hairline.

Then raise your head. Sit in an upright position.

Massage the whole face again, starting from the neck and ending with the forehead line.

After the massage, rinse with cold water.

Head massage relieves stress

When someone else plays with your hair, you feel relieved. This is due to the density of the neural network at the beginning. This neural network transmits messages to the nerve center that create a feeling of happiness.

Moisten your fingers with aromatherapy oil. Massage your head with circular movements with the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands. Start at the hairline and push so that your fingers meet at the top, and then step back and stand on top.

Repeat this process until you reach the back of the neck.

Perform the procedure three times.

7. Relax with a relaxing tea.

Relaxing teas are indispensable in spas. After completing all the steps, sit comfortably in your room, brew a soothing tea, such as a mixture of jasmine and lavender or chamomile, put a relaxing roll on your wrist and take a few deep breaths.

Enjoy your tea, relax, relax and do nothing.
With scented candles and incense bulbs around the tub, soothing music in the background, natural bath products and rose petals thrown into the water, you can further enrich this pleasure.

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