We all are getting used to the ‘New Normal’ era which requires that we forget old and develop new habits, including in appearance. One of them is wearing makeup. In a situation where we are required to always wear masks when out of the house, there are special makeup tips that you need to keep in mind. Here are 6 Makeup Tips in Coronavirus times to keep skin healthy.

Makeup in the new normal era is certainly not to be too thick, light makeup will be better obviously. Then, to support your appearance and keep it interesting, you can emphasize on the eye makeup, that can make your eyes look more vivid and attractive. What are the tips like? Check them out.

1. Use lightweight and fine cosmetic products

Because the face will be covered with masks all day, using cosmetic products which are thin and lightweight are the best choice. In fact, if you can, do not use any foundation. Simply use a concealer to mask the stains or lighten the darker skin tone.

After using skin care products like moisturizers and sunscreen, you can apply concealer directly on the face. Concealers will help cover those dark circles which otherwise will still be clearly visible because they are not completely covered with masks. Then again if there is a black mark or acne scar, you can cover it a bit with a concealer.

2. Choose powder type makeup products instead of cream type

Since the skin will be more often covered with mask and moist, using makeup of powder type will be better than the cream type. Especially if the skin of your face is oily. This is because the cream will easily fade and make the face more oily if you are using the mask for a long time. Unless your skin is very dry and you are always in the AC room constantly, then the use of cream products is still okay.

Compared to using different two-way cakes, it is better to use a light powder. Its function is the same as the foundation, it does not clog pores and can help reduce the production of sebum when the face is damp and stuffy being covered with a mask for a long time.

For those of you with oily skin, you can choose a powder that contains sebum control. As for those, whose skin is normal or dry, you just have to wear that ordinary formula.

Because the face is often covered with a mask, the use of contour, blush and highlighter can be reduced or left behind because it will not be too visible.

3. If you must use foundation, select a non-comedogenic and lightweight one
If you do feel you still, have to use a foundation, then choose a foundation with mild content and not which contains too much oil. Try to use water-based one and also non-comedogenic. This is because the face will often be covered with masks that automatically make the skin condition more stuffy and humid.

If you use a foundation that is too thick and heavy, it will easily fade off and it will also easily clog pores because due to the mask, facial pores tend to produce more sebum.

Avoid using a foundation that is too thick and heavy so as not to trigger blackheads and pimples.

4. Make sure the eyebrows are perfect

The eyes and eyebrows are still very noticeable even when you have to constantly wear masks. So make sure that your brows are ‘on’. So, rather than spending too much time on complexion, it is better you focus on eye makeup and eyebrows.

Draw a natural brow with the same colour as your hair. Do not get too bold, because that can give the impression of being too fierce. You can use eyebrow pencil only, or also eyebrow gel depending on what type of eyebrows you have.

5. Emphasize on eye makeup, a compulsory mascara and eyeliner!

After the eyebrows, make sure your eyes also look more attractive. Surely mascara and eyeliner should not be missed. Apply mascara that can make your eyelashes look thicker and longer. Then apply eyeliner too.

You can just use an eyeliner pencil in the top and bottom waterline areas so your eye lines look clearer. You can also use gel or liquid eyeliner to draw simple eyeliner for puppy eyes. Or if you want to look bolder, draw an eyeliner, wing shape or cat eyes.

For eyeshadow, you can try colours that tend to be neutral but with a slightly darker touch to the inside and edges of the petals to make the eyelid look deeper.

You can also add the eyeshadow with glitter or shimmer to beautify your eye makeup.

6. Do not forget good skincare

Skin preparation or preparing facial skin by applying skincare products before using makeup is a must. Applying toners and moisturizers can help balance your pH and moisture levels. They help in holding the makeup for a longer period and given an even look to your face.

That way, the skin will be more ready to receive makeup and will not easily fade or crack, especially in situations where you will be wearing masks continuously. It is a very important step for healthy-looking skin.

Another important step is to use sunscreen because UVA or UVB rays will still hit your skin even if covered with masks, so do not skip this one.

So after all you can use your favourite makeup in this New Normal era, right? However please do not forget to take all precautions to protect yourself and those around you from the Coronavirus. Be disciplined and take good care of yourself!

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